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The Blotter






"The Blotter" is the device used in my youth

as a necessary accessory when going to school.

50 years later , I produced a uniquely designed
Ink Blotter and amazed the general public,

especially the younger generation.

Specialty shops were happy to sell "The Blotter"
with their high class office accessories to individuals that
never lost love for the fountain pens.

Parker, Mont Blanc, Schaefer, Waterman, Pelican,..........

very successful manufacturers of fountain pens
did not produce the Ink Blotter due to the hope that the new type of ink will dry itself, on contact.

Well, some inks did, some did not.
As a "novelty" item it is sold only in the exclusive boutiques in North America for over $120.00 FOB Toronto.
It is a unique gift "for the person that has everything".

Now is your chance to buy it "over the net"

The Blotter is packed in the custom made black box,
wrapped in the felt ( burgundy or green )
Choice of tops: Brass, Stainless steel, oak or wallnut
All tops are engravable

Give us a call at 416 665-6660

Immediate delivery!